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Born in Auckland, I have lived here the majority of my life.  I spent four years in Dunedin at Otago University completing a double degree (BCom, BA).  My degree had a strong focus in sustainability and social responsibility.  In my final year I did two exchanges through The University of Essex in Colchester and Bocconi University in Milan.

I have spent the last five years working in sales. I love having such a dynamic role and thrive in the fast paced environment.  In my current sales role I look after relationships with key customers.  I have always loved working with people.  My career and people orientated nature has allowed me to do so with ease and has provided me with a great foundation for my new journey as a Celebrant.

I am passionate about sustainability.  It is a core value that underpins the majority of my actions.  I love yoga and travelling, and have an obsession for exploring new cultures and cuisine. I have a strong connection to nature, especially water, and love scuba diving.

Long term I want to start helping individuals achieve carbon neutral weddings, with good healthy food, minimal waste, with no negative impact on this beautiful earth.  Lets just create amazing memories about sweet love and good company. I am a true believer in karma- positive vibes people!